3 Ways to Integrate Digital Referral Marketing for Studio Growth

As an Orangetheory Fitness studio owner, you already know: referrals are one of the best ways to get new members fast. Existing and newly signed-up members are excited to share the workout they love with the people they love.

What you may not know is this: An integrated digital marketing strategy can take your studio’s referrals to the next level for uncharted growth.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll dive into the top digital strategies to maximize referrals for Orangetheory Fitness. In the meantime, we’d like to share 3 ways an integrated digital referral campaign can lead to more referrals. By integrated, we mean optimizing and coordinating across platforms (like ads, social media, email marketing, and blog) for greater success across the board.

  1. Consistent and on-brand referral message, creative, and incentive.
    When you’re directly promoting a referral incentive (like $25 studio bucks every time a referral signs up), use the same image, message, and offer on every channel.It might seem like overkill to show the same thing on an ad, organic social media, and email, but repetition strengthens memory and keeps the promotion top of mind, ensuring that interested members and sign-ups do take that next step to refer a friend.
  2. Send email recipients and studio members to a referral-based social media post.This approach directs members from both the studio and from email marketing to your organic social media marketing, where it’s easy and fun for them to spread the word about your studio.
    Step 1: Take fun pictures of pairs or groups of members in the studio together.
    Step 2: Let them know when they can expect to see the social media post on your studio’s Facebook page.
    Step 3: Use the Flipagram app to quickly create a slideshow of the pictures.
    Step 4: Schedule the slideshow as a post on Facebook. Use the caption to talk about the Fit Fam or why it’s awesome working out with friends—and encourage everyone to tag a friend who should burn with them, or share the post if they agree.
    Step 5: When the post goes live, pin it to the top of your page.
    Step 6: Add the photos to an email newsletter on the EMMA platform. Link the image directly to that post, and add a social sharing button that links to your Facebook page.
    Step 7: Send!
  3. Consistently respond and engage with online comments and reviews.No single digital marketing channel is isolated. Your email recipients are also on social media. Someone who is tagged over to your social media post about friends working out together will also look up Orangetheory Fitness on review platforms like Yelp and Google.Don’t leave any Facebook comment or Yelp, Google, or Facebook review, positive or negative, go without a response, or at least a “like.” Show potential new members that your studio is listening, involved, friendly, and engaged. Your online reputation matters.These are just three things you should keep in mind for your studio’s next referral promotion. We’ll be sharing even more digital referral marketing strategies and demos in our webinar on May 10, 2017, at 2:00pm EST.Missed it? Contact Jeff at [phone] or jeff@illuminatistudios.com to request the recording and to learn how our LocalLight digital marketing program for Orangetheory Fitness franchisees can help you promote a successful referral campaign for your local studio.