Top 7 Tips to Keep Burning through the Summer Leads Slow-Down

We’ve been working with Orangetheory Fitness since studio 0002 and have learned what summer means: slow leads.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop marketing in the summer. Just the opposite.

By stepping up your game in the summer, you can get even more leads when the summer slow-down ends. Here we share the top 7 tips for Orangetheory Fitness studios to use this summer for growth and success.

Plan a Better Referral StrategyPlan-a-Better-Referral-Strategy

Not all leads are created equal. Someone who has been referred to your studio by a friend or family member is more likely to sign up than any other type of lead.

We’re halfway through the year. How many referrals from have you gotten so far from your current members?

The summer slow-down is your chance to get up to speed on your current referral success—and to strategize accordingly.

Get ready for a strong start the second the slow-down stops. Click here to watch our webinar for ideas you can use to increase referrals through digital marketing.

Make-Your-Members-Your-StarsMake your Members your Stars

Are your current members happy with their results so far? Are they proud to be part of the OTF Nation? Will they stay at your studio for the long run?

If summer isn’t the best time to focus on new members, focus on existing members instead.

Connect with them. Interview them for upcoming email newsletters. Capture video testimonials to share on social media.

Encouraging members to reflect on their experience helps remind them what they burn for. Featuring them in emails and on social media makes them feel valuable and proud to be part of OTF Nation.

Not only will they be more likely to stay at your studio; they’ll become your best brand ambassadors. They’ll be more likely to leave positive reviews on Yelp encouraging prospects to sign up, they’ll show up at your studio for more sessions and events, and they won’t hesitate to refer friends.

Added bonus: social media stories featuring current members will remain on your profile for prospects to see when they scroll through your Facebook page this fall. These member features help prospects see your studio as the type of fun, engaged community they want to be part of.

Host-an-EventHost an Event

How did your studio’s last Weight Loss Challenge go? Did many members sign up? Do you feel like you should be getting more members attending workouts and special events?

Use summer to solidify your event marketing strategy. Plan an approved themed workout party.

Get members engaged. Create a Facebook event where they can RSVP and invite friends. Publish custom posts promoting your event. Certain events may even call for a custom ad targeting current members.

By getting your members engaged in events this summer, they’ll know what to expect and jump right in when you start promoting bigger events like Hell Week, Marathon, the Dri-Tri, or your studio’s next Weight Loss Challenge.

Use-Social-Media-TechniquesUse New Social Media Techniques

When is the last time your studio posted a Boomerang, Flipagram, or Snapchat video to your Facebook page?

Boomerang is an app that lets you create quick videos that play back and forth. They’re a fun way to share workout moves, high fives, and hugs on social media.

Apps like this help your posts get more visibility, more likes, more comments, and more shares. The more engagement you build on Facebook during the summer, the more Facebook will share your lead-generating posts with prospects this fall.

Now is the perfect time to step up your social media game. Click here to watch our webinar for demos of the latest social media techniques.

Execute-a-Likes-Campaign-2Execute a Facebook “Likes” Campaign

How many people have liked your studio’s Facebook page?

The bigger your fan base is, the more people there will be to see and engage with your social media posts.

Prospective members are distracted in the summer. Even if they’re interested in signing up, it’s not the best time for them to take that next step.

A smaller commitment—and one they’re willing to take—is to like your Facebook page. Once they’ve done this, you can stay connected with them and stay top of mind until the timing is right and they’re ready to sign up.

With strategic ad spend and targeted audience reach, a Facebook “Likes” Campaign is an efficient way to build up your fan base and connect with qualified future members.

Strengthen-your-Email-Marketing-StatsStrengthen your Email Marketing Stats

How many newsletters and promotions has your studio sent this year through the EMMA email marketing platform? Has timing between emails been consistent? What were the open and click-through rates?

If you’re not consistently using email marketing currently, it can take a few months to generate enough data to guide significant improvements that will help you get more leads and referrals.

OTF Corporate has encouraged all studios to engage in this type of marketing and has given your studio access to the EMMA platform to get started.

The summer lead slow-down is the perfect time to make sure your email marketing strategy is in place.

To learn how you can use EMMA email marketing for your studio, click here to watch our webinar.

Get-More-Yelp-ReviewsGet More Yelp Reviews (and Respond to Them!)

Do you know what people are saying about your studio online?

Be sure to check your Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews. Even if you don’t, your prospects and leads will!

If they see too many negative reviews, this can prevent them from signing up. If they see overwhelmingly positive reviews that have been responded to professionally and politely, this can get them in the door even faster.

This summer, focus on getting more positive reviews and responding to all reviews. A healthy online reputation will help you get even more members this fall.

Click here to watch our webinar about online reputation management, including tips to get more reviews and how to respond to both positive and negative reviews.

Want-HelpWant Help?

That’s what we’re here for! Click here to contact Illuminati Studios with questions or to learn how our LocalLight Digital Marketing program can help your studio keep burning through the summer leads slow-down.